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Language Builder Online Mobile
Language Builder Online

Introducing Language Builder Online


  • Easily teach kids basic words:  with over 10,000 vocabulary and picture cards to build  language skills.
  • Feel confident: deliver highest-quality learning with over 200 research-backed, expert-approved lessons
  • Spend more time teaching, less prepping: Pick up where you left off with saved lessons customized for each student.

  • Put the pen and paper away as our system automatically scores lessons and tracks progress.
  • It's ready when you're ready: new images, reinforcers, lessons and features delivered every month.


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Perfect for BCBAs, SLPs and Special Education teachers, and parents who want to supplement their child's learning at home. 

Teacher and Student Learning with Language Builder Online

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Extensive Curriculum

Extensive Curriculum

Over 10,000 flashcards! Students progress from basic vocabulary to mastering advanced concepts.
Create lessons

Serve Diverse Learners

Tailored learning meet every student's needs. Easily adaptable, to accommodate all students
Assign Lessons

Personalized Instruction

Easily assign lessons so every student is challenged and supported.
Lesson Library

Accelerate Student Success

200+ engaging lessons build language. Save valuable time with our starter lesson library.
Share notes

Communicate with Team

Shareable notes that keep the whole team updated on the learner's progress.
Track Progress

Track Progress

Measure growth. Make data-driven decisions to identify strengths and needs.

New Animated Reinforcers Keep Kids Engaged!

Vast selection of engaging images to teach a wide range of language





body parts

Body Parts







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How Does it Work?



Lesson Creation:

  • Platform: Educators create lessons using a web browser on any desktop, laptop, or internet-connected device.
  • Customization: You have the option to use pre-programmed lessons or build your own from scratch, ensuring lessons meet specific learner needs.
  • Storage: Created lessons are saved in a dedicated folder for easy organization and retrieval.

Learner Access

  • Device: Learners can access Language Builder Online through any device with internet access. However, touch-screen devices (iPads, Chromebooks, Surface Pros, etc.) provide the most intuitive experience.
  • Lesson Assignment: Educators manage up to 10 learners on the platform. Lessons can be assigned to individuals or groups as needed..

Keeping Records

  • Progress Tracking: Learner performance data is automatically saved within their profiles.
  • Notes: Educators can add notes for each lesson or session to record relevant details.

Please note: Language Builder Online is a tool primarily for educators to use in direct sessions with learners. While learners can interact with lessons independently, the educator is responsible for selecting and launching the appropriate lessons.


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