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Unlock the Power of ARIS Curriculum

Your gateway to personalized learning to put kids on the right path

Created by Experts

  • Designed by top early childhood education experts, with specialized curriculum and resources to enhance the learning experience and meet the unique needs of every child.

ARIS Lessons Build a Strong Foundation

  • The lessons in the ARIS curriculum build upon each other, starting with foundational skills that are essential for advancing a child's academic abilities in reading, writing, math, and beyond.


ARIS lessons adapt to meet individual student needs

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checkmark-1Start Strong

The opening exercises develop essential life skills such as following instructions, sitting attentively, and understanding basic communication.

ARIS foundational lessons prepare kids for success in the curriculum and beyond. In fact, these skills can be seen as learning to learn. 

Learn more about ARIS Lessons, with 20 FREE Lessons to download here.

checkmark-1 Academic Readiness

Learners progress systematically into early literacy, numeracy, and writing skills, at the pace that is right for them

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ARIS Academic Readiness Lessons introduce kids to print and narrative, basic phonics, and sight reading, as well as the mathematical concepts of patterns, numbers & counting, operations, geometry, measurement & data, time and money.

Want free autism curriculum? Download 20 FREE ARIS Lessons here.

checkmark-1Tailored Learning

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  • Easy-to-follow instructions guide you to adapt lessons, and provide highly personalized skill development that meets every kid's unique needs.

An easy to administer assessment helps you place each child in the ARIS program, exactly where they need to be for individual learning. 

Learn more about the ARIS Autism Curriculum Placement Assessment here.

checkmark-1Continuous Growth

  • The curriculum forms a structured pathway that fills learning gaps and supports continuous improvement.
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ARIS is designed to create a continuous feedback loop from assessment, to lesson placement, to paired IEP goals, to data keeping, and back to assessment, so students are always on track and records are always up-to-date.

Parents, teachers & therapists trust ARIS

With everything in one place ARIS makes it easy to teach any skill. The ARIS curriculum contains enough variety to make it fun and engaging for the students while it helps students learn new vocabulary and generalize skills. The comprehensive lessons provide easy-to-understand procedures, suggested prompts, and lesson progressions.

I. Janke

Life Skills Teacher, Post Falls, ID

I am an SLP in Saskatchewan Canada. I have been using the ARIS program for two years with multiple students with Autism.  I really love the program! This is one of my go to programs to implement with students with Autism. It is straightforward and comprehensive. The lesson plans are very creative and walk you through a step by process to teach new vocabulary. This is a great tool for programming and planning. My schools also love this program as it is a great resource/tool in their "tool kit." 

Kendal Carlberg, M.Sc CCC-SLP

I am a huge proponent of the Language Builder: ARIS set!  It has everything you need for Early or Intermediate learners in line with VBMAPP or ABBLS-R assessment guidelines. The time it takes to gather all of the pictures and other materials for an individual learner can be very time intensive. Here you have everything gathered for you in one place. I will definitely order more products from the Language Builder Series in the future!

Kristen Hallsworth, M.Ed.

Senior BCBA, Director of Staff Development

We have been using the ARIS system for over a year now. I love the ease with which this curriculum is implemented. You don’t have to be a BCB, RBT or teacher to easily follow the instructions on each lesson. This curriculum has been a time savor and one of the best curriculums I’ve seen and used on the market. I homeschool my son who is nonverbal and has special needs. The rural school system where we live did not have adequate resources to appropriately teach my son in that environment. This curriculum was a lifesaver and well worth the money spent. I am seeing so much progress with my son using this program. 

Susan Coffman

Homeschool Mom

Choose The Plan That's Right For You!

Take control of your child's learning with our comprehensive system for assessing, teaching, documenting, and communicating student progress.

Basic Subscription

  • Stay connected and fully engaged with our comprehensive resources.
  • New tools and strategies added each month, all with the flexibility of our monthly subscription.
  • $99/month
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office hours-2
ARIS 101

Start Strong Plan

1. Basic Subscription
2. ARIS 101 Live Onboarding Webinar

Enhance your ARIS Online Hub subscription by adding an ARIS 101 Virtual Introduction Session!

Gain confidence in using the ARIS curriculum with our comprehensive Virtual Introduction Session. This three hour interactive training offers step-by-step instructions, practical strategies, and real-life case studies, helping you quickly grasp and apply ARIS techniques.

$499 one time 
$99/month thereafter

Pro Package

1. Basic Subscription
2. ARIS 101 Live Onboarding Webinar
3. Full Set of Language Builder Teaching Tools

Equip yourself with a complete set of trusted Language Builder flashcards and manipulatives, specifically designed to be used with the detailed lesson plans and tools included with your ARIS Online Subscription. 

For over 25 years, Language Builder has been the leading resource in autism education. This package ensures you have all the hands-on materials necessary to create a structured and comprehensive learning readiness and early academic education plan for preschool and elementary-age students with autism or other learning challenges, supporting their development in language, cognition, and self-regulation.

$1,599 up-front purchase

$99/month thereafter

Save $199.99 over purchasing subscription, ARIS 101, and Language Builder Hands-On Teaching Tools separately

Learn more about Language Builder tools here.

materials and subscription
ARIS 101

What you get with ARIS Autism Curriculum

flashcards on ipad

Stunning materials

Thousands of flashcards: picture cards, sight word cards, math cards & more

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Detailed Lesson Plans

Hundreds of easy-to-follow lessons ensure consistent instruction, and include useful teaching tips

Learn More

data keeping

Custom Data Keeping System

Custom, reproducible data sheets, tailored to specific ARIS lessons for convenience

scope & sequence

Scope & Sequence

Standards correlated scope & sequences, guides individualized lesson progression

Learn More



Assessment questionnaires aid in placement and measure progress to keep kids on track

Learn More

home communication

Team Communication System

Share progress among the whole team... school, therapy and home

behavior on ipad

Positive Behavior Management

Customized, data driven system to decrease negative behaviors and increase positive ones

Learn More


Individualized Education Plan

Measurable IEP goals tied to each lesson objective ease creation of individualized education plans


Reproducible Activity Sheets

Thousands of reproducible worksheets provide practice to generalize learned skills


Training & Support

Live virtual support plus hours of on-demand video training helps you quickly grasp & apply ARIS techniques.

Recognized for Excellence in Education! 

Ready to get started? 

$99.99 a month gets you access to the full Language Builder Academic Readiness Intervention System