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January 2018 Newsletter

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STAGES NEWS: Information, Resources & More!


Verbs & Action Words: Save when you pre-order!

The most requested Language Builder product ever is finally on its way! This new Stages Language Builder® Verbs & Action Words flash card set offers 230 Verb Cards to help kids recognize and name a large selection of action words.

Pre-order now to save 20% and also receive 8 free cards delivered to your inbox as a sneak peak!

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"Let's Move With Verbs" Lesson Plan

Our lesson plans are back! This latest lesson plan features our new upcoming Verbs & Action Words Cards. Children will use the cards in small groups to learn about different action verbs and review present and past tense.

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Pre-order the Language Builder® 3D - 2D Animal Matching Kit!

Pre-Order now and save $20, for delivery in February 2018. The Birds and Cats were chosen specifically to compliment the similar matching animal pictures in the Basic Stages section of the Language Builder Picture Noun Cards, so you can move seamlessly to similar matching, sorting and categorization lessons. 

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How to Choose a Summer Camp for your Child with Autism
Summer camp can be a positive and enriching experience for children on the autism spectrum, providing an alternative to the rigorous school year routine and opportunities for peer interactions. However, finding the right fit for your child can be intimidating and does require research and planning - here are some steps to help get you started. Read More ....

Autism in the News:

Time, January 2.
Rates of autism spectrum disorder among children in the U.S. remained stable from 2014 to 2016, according to new research—a change from previous studies that found steady increases over the past two decades. Read More ...
Science Alert, January 17.

Scientists have discovered a swathe of biochemical regions that look to be deeply involved with the risk factors behind autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Researchers have identified more than 2,000 of these regulatory regions – markers on top of our DNA that affect how our genetic machinery operates on a functional level – which are involved in learning and strongly associated with ASD. Read More ...


Thanks again for visiting our site and checking out our resources! We hope you find them to be useful in your home, classroom and daily life!

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Angela Nelson


President, Stages Learning Materials