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Autism Learning Line Digital Education Platform

Telelearning for Early Autism Education

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Forced school closures due to the COVID19 crisis have had a devastating impact on students with autism and other special needs. The one-size-fits-all Zoom meetings, which currently serve typically developing students, are not a viable option for young learners on the autism spectrum. These platforms lack the capacity to pair face to face interactions with synchronous manipulation of learning materials by the instructor and screen-based interaction from the student.

Our Autism Learning Line Digital Education Platform will facilitate distance-learning for individuals on the autism spectrum by pairing a two-way video conference with a dual-facing, interactive browser-based platform, allowing the teacher to present materials to the student, observe on their screen how the student interacts with the materials, and then to deliver electronic and personal video feedback to the student. The lessons will be specifically tied to Stages existing, research-based curriculum which follows a logical scope and sequence, covering the language, pre-academic, social, and self-help skills critical to student development.

By offering teachers a way to engage in flexible real-time lessons that they can adapt to their student's level of engagement via face-to-face video interaction, supplemented with parental participation, we can better simulate an in-person learning experience, and provide a tailored education to those children who are unable to learn in the classroom.

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