ARIS box 1 and 2 open


We were successfully implementing the ARIS curriculum in our classroom, until we were told that students would not be coming back to class for at least 4 weeks. I was concerned about my preschoolers with ASD losing important skills as online instruction is not really an option for them. I immediately thought of sending the ARIS lessons home, as they target the skills that are most important to my students and I feel that parents can successfully implement at home even without extensive training. Having this comprehensive option for families during this difficult time means my kids will be able to continue their progress while at home.

Keegan Walsh Teacher


We are committed to providing as many free resources as possible to families, and we will add more links daily. We have received numerous requests from families who still want to purchase the physical curriculum and have asked for a discount. Accordingly, we are offering a 20% discount code COVIDDISCOUNT for anyone who wants to purchase the Full ARIS Curriculum or any of the Language Builder products and we will provide free shipping on the curriculum. Please know this is not a sales attempt. We are responding to requests, and trying to help in every way possible.