Free at home curriculum for early autism education

Given current circumstances, you may be faced with the unexpected challenge of educating and engaging your child with autism or other special needs at home. While so much is in flux, we want to give free lessons, materials, activity sheets, data tracking sheets, behavior management tools, and a basic overview of how to use the system. These materials are a sampling of lessons from Stages Learning Materials’ Language Builder ARIS curriculum. The lessons and supporting materials are 100% free to families. We recognize that these are unsettling times, and even more difficult for families whose children have special learning needs. We hope by providing access to our Language Builder ARIS Curriculum, we can help alleviate some anxieties in the short term.

ARIS Emergency Home Education Program Overview

Our introductory overview offers guidance on how to use and adapt the sample ARIS lesson plans and materials to your home education setting, as well as tips on using materials that you already have at home to supplement the free picture cards included with this kit.   

We have also launched a new online community for parents, educators and therapists to support each other and provide guidance on teaching your child at home during the COVID-19. Please visit the Autism Learning Line and join the community.

Download ARIS Emergency Resource


Language Builder ARIS Manual - Abreviated for Home Use

We took our full Implementation Guide and cut out anything that wasn't directly related to the quick implementation of at-home lessons. Specifically, we include an overview of the ARIS lesson format, a section with simple explanations of ABA-style therapy, a behavior management section, and a series of activity sheets to use with the fine motor lessons.

Download ARIS Emergency Resource

Our children thrive from consistency and routine. Times of crisis derail these elements, often making daily life more challenging for children with unique learning needs and their families. Access to materials and resources to continue learning at home can help maintain consistency, prevent regression, and set the stage for a smoother transition back to school. 

Heather Dorn President, Pacific Northwestern Autism and Boston ABA


34 Downloadable Lesson Plans for Early Autism Education

Language Builder ARIS is divided into 7 content categories, each with several subcategories. We are providing you with a few lessons from each of the content categories to give you a broad range of activities and skill levels. The Introduction Letter listed above offers ideas for how to build on the lessons to cover even more content. 

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56 Language Builder Picture Cards for Download

As this free resource is based on an existing curriculum, many of the ARIS Lesson Plans we are providing reference Language Builder Picture Card Sets. We posted samples of the cards from those sets that you can download and use for free. In the Introduction Letter we offer guidance on how to take or find additional pictures to build upon what we have included.

Download ARIS Emergency Resource

I founded Stages more than 20 years ago. While I have been thrilled that Stages' products have been able to help so many students and families, never has that need felt so raw. My heart goes out to all of the families and children disrupted by recent events. I hope we can ease just a touch of your stress by making these materials available. Be well, stay safe. We will get through this together. 

Angela Nelson President, Stages Learning Materials