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Language Builder: Custom GPT's

DALL·E 2024-01-25 16.05.49 - Create a serene, photo-realistic image of a preschool classroom designed for special education, with a focus on a less busy and more streamlined envir

Empowering Educators with AI-Enhanced Teaching Tools for Special Education & Early Childhood

Leverage the transformative potential of AI in education through our suite of AI-powered tools. These innovative GPTs are crafted to enhance and support diverse learning needs, streamlining tasks, providing insights, and personalizing education. Discover how AI can revolutionize teaching and learning, making it more inclusive and impactful for everyone. 

To access these custom GPTs, you will be prompted to simply sign up for a an OpenAI account and dive in—no coding required. Use them as innovative tools in your educational strategies, always guided by your own expertise and understanding. While initially a free account would allow access to custom GPTs, as of January 29, 2024 OpenAI appears to be requiring a $20/month paid account to use Custom GPTs. 

Iep gpt image

Positive Behavior Buddy

I provide AI-driven behavior management strategies. Access a wealth of practical tips and evidence-based techniques to nurture a supportive environment, enhancing the developmental journey of every child you guide.

Task Analysis GPT image

Task Analysis Helper

Quickly create a detailed task analysis for any skill you are trying to teach - Great for Autism, ABA and Special Education, as well as a parent helper for any task you want to teach your children

IEP-GPT image

IEP Goal Writer

Welcome Special Education Teachers! As an AI IEP Goal Writer I can help you write SMART IEP Goals quickly, so you can spend less time writing goals and more time teaching... and helping your students make meaningful progress toward their goals!

ARIS Puzzle Piece

Autism Education Expert

Powered by the ARIS Curriculum & rich Stages Learning content, I provide detailed guidance on  best practices for special education & autism education, with direct links to resources, from Stages Learning Resource Library & Language Builder Academic Readiness Intervention System

In navigating our ever-evolving educational landscape, we encourage parents and educators to embrace these innovative tools with care and an open heart. As we step into new territories of learning and teaching, it's natural for challenges and missteps to arise.

Remember, these moments are opportunities for growth and learning. We urge you to use these resources thoughtfully, always complementing them with your personal judgment and expertise. Together, with patience and understanding, we can create nurturing environments that foster success and resilience in our children.

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Take the Next Step in Inclusive Education

Make your impact even more powerful with the ARIS curriculum. It's a comprehensive program that aims to bridge gaps, break down barriers, and broaden horizons in special education. Designed with the same heart and soul as our Language Builder series, the ARIS Curriculum extends your toolkit to be even more responsive to the diverse needs of your learners. Ready to dive deeper? Click here to explore more about the ARIS Curriculum at your pace.

aris curriculum

Want to get the full scoop tailored to your needs? Book an appointment for a no-pressure chat about how ARIS could complement your current strategies.

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