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Download Free Language Builder Sequencing Cards

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Introduce students to sequencing, and help them understand the logical order of events. The 116 Full-Color photographic cards portray common, everyday activities with a heavy emphasis on self-help skills. The full set includes:

  • 1 ten-card sequence
  • 1 nine-card sequence
  • 1 eight-card sequences
  • 2 seven-card sequences
  • 4 six-card sequences
  • 5 five-card sequences
  • 4 four-card sequences
  • 3 three-card sequences

Start students with 3-Card sequences, then let them progress all the way up to 10 cards! The cards are also great for understanding what happens next, teaching storytelling or social stories, learning verbs and tenses, or even to use for self-help skills prompts.